at every actual wedding day, you know how sometimes when you are with a couple, and they feel a little awkward posing but in the midst of the awkwardness, you start seeing the little things that show the love they have for each other? that is who Camille and Shane is. Shane brushing off her hair during the portrait session, just that little squeeze of the hands during the ceremony and the huge smile that says “yes we are getting married today”.

i love their simple unscripted celebration – their super talented friends dedicating songs to them, supporting Camille by saying a little prayer before the madness of the day began, quickly adjusting Shane’s bowtie before his bride walked down the aisle. these little moments that make up their day is what kept me smiling when i worked on their images. 🙂

hope you’ll enjoy them as much as i loved documenting their wedding!

by samantha

We started the morning at Holiday Inn Express where they both got ready seperately in different rooms with their close family and friends. I loved having both sides at the same venue as that allowed me to shoot what was happening on each side! 

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