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About Jonathan

Hello! My name is Jonathan and I have one poodle, one wife and one very hearty appetite.

When I am away from the camera, I enjoy being in the kitchen exploring the wonders of naturally leavened bread. If a wedding was a sourdough, you would be the flour, your closest ones the salt, and love, the water that binds you all together; a combination of the simplest ingredients that produces the most wonderful aromas.

Likewise, I wholeheartedly believe that at its core, every wedding should be about its people. I have an appreciation for the understated, and always try my best to look past the embellishments to document a story that is uniquely yours.

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About Samantha

Hi, I’m Samantha (or better known as Sam).

My phone has over 17000 photos, most of them are pictures of my son and the occasional cameo from the husband. Once, I thought I had lost them (the photos, not the humans) and I was devastated. I treasure every one, even the most grainy, blurry, can’t-quite-make-out-whos-that-but-still-kept-it-cuz-i-remember-that-moment photo.

I bring this with me into my work as a photographer (not the blurry photos lah). I wholeheartedly believe that photos are a tangible way to remember an intangible moment or feeling.

As I grow older, my treasures are very often found in the moments that make up my life, whether during big rowdy celebrations or quiet family time. I hope that I can do the same for you – finding treasures in your day.