hello bittersweet world! i realised that there isn’t a proper introduction of who I am – so here i am. hehe.

i’ve been a wedding photographer with another photography studio for almost 6 years. i took a break last year to focus on incubating a tiny human being (who is really annoyingly cute now, btw lol) and when joseph approached me to join him and jon – it was without much hesitation. we are fairly chill peeps and just love to do what we love.


i love weddings for a myriad of reasons. it is always an honor to be a part of someone’s big day – and to be given the privilege of capturing it, it’s an amazing experience. i love big crazy weddings, where the wedding party goes on and on. i love small intimate weddings, where i get swept up in how much joy there are on people’s faces. the jaw-drop look on the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time that day, the parents looking on as the bride leaves the home, the crazy beautiful deco by talented vendors, the relief on the couple’s faces after a long day (let’s face it, weddings can be quite stressful trying to make sure everything goes right!)… all these and more are what makes up my weekends photographing weddings. and i do enjoy it. very much. 🙂

so here i am, after a good 6 years. lucky enough to do what i love and take care of who i love at home. truly epic-ly blessed. ^_^

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